In one sentence: “A locally based boutique experience discovery platform where you can only find high quality.”

In other words, Azur Vibes is an independent online destination guide. We connect you with all the amazing things, places and people the Côte d’Azur has to offer.

In this platform, you won’t find every single place to stay, restaurant, activity or experience the region has to offer, you will only find the best ones. If it sucks, it doesn’t get our stamp of approval and it’s not getting on to our platform. We prioritise quality over quantity and happiness over crappiness.

We hand pick what we know first hand are the best experiences, and give you ideas for things to do which we have experienced ourselves.


We are passionate about travel, we are passionate about the French Riviera, and we are passionate about providing you with a concise guide to the best of the area.

We are local. We live and breath the Côte d’Azur, living in the heart of the action. Having experienced first hand what the South of France has to offer, we are able to pass our insider knowledge on to you, to make your visit to the Côte d’Azur as enjoyable and fun as possible. Good vibes guaranteed.

Where did the name come from?

We started out as ‘Nice Vibes’ which was the same concept, but only for Nice.

Then, we quickly switched to Azur Vibes so we could cover the whole region.

‘Azur’ obviously comes from ‘Côte d’Azur’ and ‘Vibes’ is all about the energy and flavour this place can give you if you do it right!

How do we make money?

Right now, we don’t.

The blood, sweat and tears we put into this comes from the enjoyment of doing it.

We have other plates to spin which keeps the wolf from the door, but right now this platform is 100% self-funded and managed.

Once we feel the platform is ready for it, the plan is to generate income from the experience suppliers by driving more and more business to them so that they get a return on their investment. They would pay for the extensive visibility and marketing we can offer, powered by Web Vibes – our digital marketing set up.

We have other ideas for monetisation, but right now we’re keeping those under wraps until they are fully developed.

So in the meantime, if you like what we’re doing and are feeling generous, feel free to make a donation which we will sink right back into the platform to make it better.

Otherwise, if you would like to invest and own a piece of the Azur Vibes pie, we’d also like to hear from you, obvs!

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